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  1. Boosting Nutrient Intake to Aid Drug Withdrawal and Recovery

    With close to 10% of the US population estimated to be using illegal drugs each month, 

  2. Prescription Drug Abuse: A Worrying Trend

    Very often we're familiar with seeing and reading in the news, stories about drug and alcohol addictions, and in some cases the growing numbers of celebrities who are succumbing to treatment for such things. What is not often talked about are the rising numbers of cases of people becoming addicted to prescription medications, that is to say, perfectly legal drugs that can be obtained from the doctor and the drug store.
  3. Do you have any idea how important a supply of friendly bacteria are to your health?

    Basil can kill bacteria that cause some types of food poisoningColonies of “friendly” bacteria must say in the colon for it to function properly. Without an abundant supply of friendly bacteria, we are vulnerable to harmful yeasts, dangerous bacteria, viruses, intestinal toxemia, and a wide spectrum of other health issues.
  4. Ginger has over 25 Different antioxidantsA Peek Into the Wonderful World of Phytonutrients

    by Lorraine Craymer
    In addition to amino acids, vitamins, and minerals, you need an adequate supply of phytonutrients in your diet.
  5. Take a Toxic Load Off Your Liver

    By Lorraine Craymer
    Your liver acts like a washing machine for the whole of your body and without it, your bloodstream and every other organ in your body would be hopelessly clogged with an array of countless toxins like smoke, bacteria, fungi, parasites, viruses, chemical food additives, environmental pollutants and even  impurities from the water you drink.
  6. Are We Really That Stupid?

    The parents of a 14 year old girl - who had a pre-existing heart condition- are suing the energy drink Monster for the girls wrongful death.  Apparently their daughter drank 2-24 oz cans of this caffeine loaded drink within 24 hours of her death.  Don't get me wrong, as a parent, I bleed for the unrecoverable agony of losing a child.  As a supporter of natural products, I'm appalled at the crap that companies are allowed to sell and pass off as a legitimate energy product (or for that matter the poison passed off as food).
  7. Alzheimer's Disease and Dementia

    The smell and taste of cinnamon can help memory and attention spanLearning that someone you care about is experiencing the early stages of Alzheimers and dementia can be a devastating experience, but there are resources available to help make caring for that person a little easier to manage for a while.
  8. Enzymes Working with Probiotics

    Probiotics are getting a lot of attention in the market today, but do you realize that there are many plant based digestive enzymes that you can take as supplements to improve your health as well. Enzymes can work wonders for helping you to feel better--here is some information about how the enzymes work, as well as some information on what we think are about the
  9. Risk Factors for Cancer

    It seems that everywhere we look, there are risk factors for different types of cancer.  Avoiding some of the biggest risk factors like smoking, excessive use of alcohol and failure to get any good exercise is something well within the ability of everyone.  One little tip I read, which I found to be very interesting was marinade food you intend to grill on the bbq and it also mentioned that the longer you grill your food, the more carinogens you're taking in.
  10. Why Are We Overweight?

    Why We're Overweight The incidence of being overweight and/or obese is growing at an alarming rate worldwide and in particular in countries like the United States. thank about this- In October 2002, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 31% of the population in the USA were considered obese in the year 2000 versus 14.
  11. Let's Get Circulating

    ProARgi9Plus I understand that the blood in my arteries delivers nutrients and oxygen to my cells, but I never appreciated that the blood in my veins was not simply being returned to my lungs for more oxygen.  It's also carrying cellular trash - the garbage run.
  12. Glutathione and the Chronic Diseases of Aging

    Dopamine Levels in Parkinson's Disease Patients I'd like to write a number of posts about the  "chronic diseases of aging" and take a look at the relationship between these conditions, the effe
    ct of free radicals or oxydative stress and the possible mitigating effect of the Master Antioxidant - Glutathione.
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