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B12 and the Wonders of Western Living

Welcome to the wonders of Western living, where we have taken the ability to rob our bodies of nutrients to an art form.  One example of this is how the features of our modern lifestyle conspire to accelerate the decline of our B12 serum levels.

  Take for example Microwave Ovens. In 6 minutes a microwave can degenerate 30-40% of the B12 content of milk, something which boiling via conventional heat needs 25 minutes to equal – Now that’s progress. The heat of microwaves is extremely effective in destroying the enzyme levels of our ingested foods and we need enzymes to help our bodies absorb and utilize the nutrients from our diets.  And while we might easily control the microwaving of foods in our homes, consider how frequently this little time and work saver is used for restaurant and take-out foods.  Apparently while westerners have embraced microwave technology to the detriment of our foods and health, it is forbidden in Russia.

  We do not ingest B12 in sufficient quantities.  Our diets are low in vitamins and minerals, high in fats – although we manage not to be overly high in useful fats like Omega-3 essential fatty acids.  In an Alzheimer’s disease mouse model, a diet that is rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids  and in particular rich in DHA has demonstrated a potential to slow and/or even prevent Alzheimer’s disease.  We’re good at ingesting Trans Fatty Acids though and in a study of over 800 seniors with a high TFA intake they were found to be about twice as likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s as those with low intakes.  Commonly B12 insufficiency results from an insufficiency of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. In middle age, this substance should be concentrated enough in our stomachs to dissolve a nail in an hour. It is a risk factor for gastric cancer.  Incomplete digestion can also be involved in subsequent allergic response in asthma.

  Bring on more or the marvels of western medicine – Chronic overuse of antacids may also contribute to insufficiencies of B12 and prescribed medications like Prilosec can also dramatically reduce our body’s ability to absorb B12.  It seems that many patients taking this medication are also high risks to develop heart disease and they are instructed to avoid red meat and the other animal products that are our best dietary sources of B12.   

Vegan diets are also poor when it comes to B12 and many vegans who do not supplement their diets will suffer from low levels of B12 although on a positive note, a 100mg tablet chewed once a week will promptly improve this.   Other Alzheimer’s risk factors are thyroid deficiency, fluoridated water, dental amalgams, Ibuprofen, workplace exposure to electro-magnetic fields and high aluminum levels – usually as a result of contaminated drinking water.

  Vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin is widely used in Japan and becoming increasingly popular in North America, partly because it is reputed to be better absorbed.  In the presence of alcoholic and other liver damage, B12 as methylcobalamin is the only version that can penetrate the blood brain barrier and reach the brain and spinal chord. R- Garden is proud to announce Vitamin B12 as Methyocobalamin dietary supplements.


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