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Cordyceps - Ancient Healer

Cordyceps - Ancient Healer Safe and Natural


China's Wang Jun-Sha broke the 10,000 metre record at the 1993 World Track & Field meet in Strutgart, Germany. She didn't just break it, however, she shattered it, by cutting off 8 minutes and 24 seconds from the previous record ! 

Her performance was so extraordinary that officials and coaches suggested that she was probably using illegal steroids.  Testing proved that her system was clear of drugs and that she was clean. What was her secret ?  When asked how she could perform so amazingly well, she revealed a rigorous training training schedule and that she took a herbal compound after each training session.  That herbal compound was an ancient Chinese herb called Cordyceps.

It's common knowledge that Asians are well known for their superior health and longevity. It is not uncommon for them to live to see 100 years or even longer.  Part of their success is based on a low fat diet and plenty of fresh vegetables, That's not all, however. They also use an amazing variety of herbs and natural products for healing and to maintain good health. A Chinese or Japanese pharmacy is filled with herbal remedies that have worked for thousands of years. One of their most potent natural healers is Cordyceps.

Cordyceps is considered one of China's most valuable herbs because it is used as a way to improve and maintain great health. A classical 17th century medical text used by master Chinese herbalists says that Cordyceps is even more powerful than Ginseng or Reishi when it comes to treating a whole host of health ailments. Because Cordyceps was so rare at that time, it was reserved for use by the Emperor, his dignitaries and other very wealthy people.

Cordyceps is still rather rare as it can only be found in some isolated places in South Western China, 12,000 or more feet above sea level. No other place in the world has these same unique growing conditions. This has made Cordyceps very expensive in the past, selling for up to $1000.00 for 100 grams. Even at that price, the demand was still very high, thus the restriction to access for the common people. People knew how powerful it truly was.

In the early 1970's Chinese researchers started collecting and cultivating over 200 different species of Cordyceps and after conducting extensive studies and scientific analysis, one Cordyceps species was selected for commercial production.

Benefits discovered by the Chinese Government :

  1. Promotes more restful sleep.
  2. Increases energy levels
  3. Reduces the effects of radiation treatment
  4. Lowers blood pressure & increases blood supply.
  5. Reduces asthman and respiratory problems.
  6. Rejuvenates male sexual ability and performance.
  7. Amazing anti-ager.
  8. Lowers bad cholesterol.
  9. Makes other nutrition work better.
  10. Improves memory.
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