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Free Radicals Exposed
Did you ever see the episode of My Favorite Martian when Ray Walston decided to improve Bill Bixby's education and undertook to teach him about Geometry?  That's when I learned that a dangling participle looked very much like a triangle suspended in space from the end of a string and it was a belief I held onto for many years.  It's too bad I didn't show up for all my English classes in high school or I would have dispensed with that misconception about 20 years sooner.

I believed that pork chops were pigs cheeks and spent years wondering what a Venison looked like.  And then of course there were free radicals.  I don't recall if anyone in particular besides me is to blame for this, but I always envisioned a free radical as either some heroic freedom fighter or mad terrorist - depending of course on what this particular free radical was being freely radical about.  Imagine my surprise - or was is chagrin- to learn that a free radical had more to do with health supplements, aging and antioxidants than politics.

Now that I have been - ahem- "educated" on the meaning of the term "free radical", I realize that the reality is more dangerous.  Free radicals are a by-product of the chemical reactions in your body and they create toxicity in your cells and contribute to your aging.  The most unfortunate part - at least to me- is the concept that a reward of vigorous exercise is the release of free radicals into your system. Work out - grow old.  Good thing that's not the whole story or you'd never get anyone off the couch.

Luckily, just as nature can create something destructive like free radicals, it also balances the equation with creations like antioxidants, which contribute to your ability to remove free radicals from your system.  When I think of antioxidants, my minds eye pictures blue food; grape skins (and seeds) and blueberries spring to mind. But, it seems that the most powerful of all the antioxidants is glutathione, a substance often referred to as the master antioxidant.

The secret to glutathione's efficacy is the simple fact that it can be found in every cell of our body, meaning that where ever our body may need it to help clean out free radicals - L. Glutathione is there.  It helps to fight the effects of aging, but we don't produce it consistently all our lives.  In fact, our production of Glutathione falls by 10-15% each decade once we pass our twenties and unfortunately, oral supplementation of glutathione is largely ineffective since it's just not readily absorbed into our bodies when taken orally.

There is an another interesting approach to increasing our levels of L Glutathione and it doesn't revolve around  direct supplementation.  Based on the research of Dr Robert Keller into something called glutathione precursors a new type of supplement has been developed.  It's called MAX GXL and it's role is to help the body produce its own glutathione. Within the natural health community, Dr Keller's work and this supplement are gaining respect and reputation.  I was personally something of a skeptic, but after taking this supplement for less than a month, I was impressed with my alterness and increase of energy.  I felt a difference in me and I liked it.

You won't find MAXGXL in the drug store.  Like many other leading edge products, it's primarily available through MLM marketers, but you can buy it on a number of different web sites.  Checkout the results when you search on the term "MAXGXL-Wholesale" I know that you buy MAXGXL at the wholesale price, without signing up to the network if you look for the chance to do that. You might decide that you want to keep on taking it but like anything else it's nice to be able to check out a product before you commit to it.   

Of course, I'm no doctor or medical professional, and nothing I've said here is to be taken as a means to either diagnose or treat any ailment you or someone in your family might be suffering from. I genuinely like the way I felt taking MAXGXL so this might just make it a little easier for other people to find that feeling. As always, seek the advice of a qualified physician.
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