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Aline Strikes Back at Fibromyalgia
When I was about 35, a long time friend of mine was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Some of the details are pretty hazy but there are points that stick out in my mind.  That was back in the '80s and Fibromyalgia wasn't very well known or understood at the time and she had always been in the best of health. She had two small kids (who were a handful) and a stack of bills high enough to be causing a lot of problems with a live in man.

For three years my friend dragged herself and both her kids from one doctor's office to the next and all along she claimed to be in constant pain and barely had the energy to drag herself out of bed in the morning.  None of the doctors she saw found anything wrong with her- although most suggested that her ailment was "all in her head".  A few referred her to psychologists. Finally, it was a Naturopath who put a possible name to her problem.

Most often women between 20 years old to 50 years old are the most likely victims of Fibromyalgia. No one is totally sure why it develops or what might set it off because in many cases there was no definite reason for the onset.  In other cases though, there was a long list of possible reasons including serious infections, overwork, emotional trauma, different types of abuse, accidents and hormone changes. And there's an  equally long shopping list of the symptoms most often presented which include It has a long list of possible symptoms that include inflammation, a lack of concentration, chronic pain, headaches, chronic fatigue and digestive problems as well as depression and anxiety.

I don't know how many of these symptoms are original or secondary.  It's certainly not difficult to imagine how easily depression and anxiety could develop if you spent months feeling too tired to do anything, in constant pain and the doctors kept telling you that nothing was wrong. Looking over a list of possible treatments, it's clear that no one really has any handle on what to do with this condition.  

My friend's case was similar to a testimonial I was looking at, not that long ago, from a woman who lived with Fibromyalgia for 15 years. Her name is Aline Adside and she too was met with skepticism from the medical establishment.  They did however prescribe a wealth of pharmaceutical products from anti-depressants to sleeping pills and progressively escalating pain killers. Eventually even the five morphine tablets she was taking a day were not enough to prevent her husband from waking up in the morning to find her on the floor wrapped in heating pads and still weeping from the pain.

But is seems that Aline's body was better able to deal with her condition than the cupboard full of prescriptions in the form of a naturally manufactured antioxidant called Glutathione.  What makes that appear to be the case is that Aline started to take a product called MAXGXL which acts like a catalyst to boost our natural production of this master antioxidant. Technically, it's called a precursor.

Aline is off sleeping pills, the anti anxiety prescriptions and the antidepressants after only two months taking MAXGXL. That's very exciting for her after suffering for 15 years.  The morphine intake has decreased from 5 pills a day to only one and a half and hopefully that too will get better. What's most exciting about this testimonial from Aline is that she can get up in the morning without help and after all that time suffering is able to resume living her life.  Just like anyone else - pretty much.

I'm not a doctor and I'm not writing this to diagnose or offer treatment for any health problems you might have.  If you are experiencing any difficulties with your help - see a qualified medical practitioner.
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