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Bottle of MAXGXL
Your Body's Miracle-Working Anti-Aging
Antioxidant !

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 An anti-aging protein produced by every cell in your body ~ so important, that no active cell can function without it ! Could anti-aging be of great importance to you ?
Glutathione is the very best anti-aging compound, antioxidant & free radical scavenger for  support in healing, longevity & pain relief ...and ... you make your own !

Centenarians have Glutathione levels that are approximately the same as 40 year old normal people. -
Dr. Robert H. Keller

Glutathione GSH is a tri-peptide (three protein's in one molecule) so critical to cellular function, that over 60,000 medical articles have been published on it.

It is the body's most powerful anti-oxidant, millions of times more effective than ingested vitamins C & E. Because Glutathione is also a powerful anti-inflammatory agent and inflammation is every cell's deadliest enemy, it is one of the most important allies in preserving cellular health.
Glutathione also works to help improve mental functions, increase energy, improve concentration, permit increased exercise, and improve heart and lung function, just to name a few.

A Protein produced by every cell in your body ~ so important, that no active cell can function without it ! Ingested antioxidants are great but NOTHING like the the anti-aging compounds your body naturally makes !

The Bad News Is...

Your Glutathione Levels Are FALLING!

Your body's supply of Glutathione begins to decline by 10% to 15% per decade starting at the age of twenty.

Various daily factors can add to the depletion of a person's available supply of glutathione. Stress. exercise, infection, injury and environmental toxins are just a few of the factors that can significantly reduce your glutathione reservoir.

Reduced glutathione levels result in lower energy, higher inflammation, a greater vulnerability to cellular damage, accelerated aging, a weakened resistance to various diseases, including heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and many others.

But, the Good news is that MAXGXL Can Dramatically increase your Glutathione Levels.

MaxGXL™ has been shown to significantly increase intracellular glutathione. Conducting blood tests in which glutathione levels were measured in white blood cells, MaxGXL™ creator, Dr. Robert H. Keller was able to verify significant increases in every patient tested. Patients experienced increased glutathione levels up to 292% after only 3 months of daily use. Because every individual is different, results may vary from patient to patient.

Tom Jones : "Shortly after I started taking MaxGXL, I started experiencing overall increased energy and quicker recovery after training 5 to 7 hours a day. I can now see myself being an extreme endurance athlete for years to come thanks to MaxGXL"

Tom Jones, Age 44, "World's Most Extreme Athlete"

Breakthrough Results So Revolutionary...It Was AWARDED a Composition Patent!

MaxGXL's™ proprietary formula represented such a dramatic breakthrough in raising glutathione levels, that the U.S. Patent Office awarded it a composition patent. Composition patents are normally reserved for pharmaceutical drugs.

MaxGXL™ was awarded this patent because it not only raises glutathione levels within each cell, it also enables the liver to recycle the body's used glutathione to manufacture even more, further increasing the body's reservoir of glutathione.
MaxGXL™ was awarded this patent because Dr. Robert H. Keller did the research necessary to complete this wonderful formula. He did not just copy it from someone else. He is a man who truly cares about his patients and went the extra mile to supply them with a "Better Quality of Life". No promises, no chest beating...just genuine human concern that can be felt the moment that you shake the man's hand and listen to him talk about his patients. Bottle of MAXGXL

"You have been bombarded regarding the importance of antioxidants such as vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin D3 and a plethora of others in foods and nutritional supplements."
"All of them are important. They all pale in comparison to those your body creates everyday."
--Dr. R. H. Keller

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