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R-Garden Pure Water System - New improved design - $178
R-Garden Pure Water System - New improved design - $178
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Here's What the R-Garden Pure Water System will Give You:

1. Clean filtered water helps protect the body from disease and can help to maintain good health and vitality.
2. Removes harmful contaminants like chlorine and bacteria
3. Better tasting, better smelling drinking water
4. REMOVES LEAD from your drinking water. -Especially important for pregnant women and children's developing immune systems
5. Drinking water for a fraction of the cost of bottled water
6. Safe, healthy water for cooking
7. Retains healthy minerals and pH balance of your water
8. Helps to protect your family from the 2100 toxins that may be present in tap water


This unique water filtration system uses a multi-layer filtration system to remove sediment, chlorine, rust , bacteria, heavy metals, and nasty organic chemicals like THM's, PCB's, pesticides, detergents and other pollutants.
Using gravity to allow the water to slowly percolate through the filter encourages a natural spiraling of the water and a more complete filtering as the water moves through

In nature, water is pulled by gravity through multiple lay­ers of soil, sand, rock and gravel. Each layer removes different pol­lutants and provides its own energetic enhancement of the water.

The R-Garden Pure Water System uses 4 stages of filtration to remove sediment, chlorine, rust, bacteria, heavy metals, detergents, organic chemicals (THMs; trihalomethanes, PCBs; polychlorinated biphenyls, and pesticides), and other pollutants by allowing water to flow through multiple filtration layers. Gravity, rather than pressure, maximizes filtration time and allows water to migrate naturally. Slow, gravity-controlled water percolation encourages natural spiraling of the water, which adds oxygen and energy as contaminants are removed.

Two Separate Filter Cartridges

The R-Garden Pure Water System has two separate filters, a ceramic pre-filter and a multi-layered carbon filter to increase efficiency and maximize the life of each filter.

Ceramic Pre-filter

The ceramic pre-filter captures sediment and removes particles and pollutants down to .3 microns in size. Rusts and other particulate matter are removed during the first stage of filtration, preserving the life of the second, multi-layered carbon filter. When washed regularly, the ceramic filter has an extended life of up to one year.

Multi-Layered Carbon Filter

Activated Carbon Layer

Carbon is one of the best and most widely used filtering materials incorporated in quality water filtration devices. Activated carbon increases the surface area of the carbon for greater adsorption of contaminants - including THMs, PCBs and pesticides. Activated carbon fibers are highly effective for the removal of chlorine, organic chemicals, odors, and pigments from water.

Zeolite Ring Layer

This special Zeolite filtration layer is excellent in filtering out heavy metals as well as odors in the water.

Mineral Sand Layer

The Mineral Sand ring adds a small amount of balanced natural minerals to the water as well as making the water somewhat more alkaline.

The R-Garden Pure Water System includes Natural Conditioning

1. Ceramic Pre-filter
2. Activated Carbon Filter
3. Newly designed Zeolite Filtration layer for heavy metals
4. Mineral Bead Layer
5. Silica Sand Filter
6. Mineral Stones
7. Magnetic Restructuring

Many customers who purchase this product are also interested in the VITALIZER PLUS as a post filtration concept to add energy, pH and hexagonal structuring for better delivery and cellular hydration.


Major Features and Benefits :

Multi-Layers of Filtration  ----------- > Gravity fed flow maximizes filtration and contaminant removal

Ceramic Pre-Filter  -------------------> Captures sediment, rusts, particulate matter down to .3 microns

Active Carbon Filter ----->  Greater absorbtion and removal of THM's, PCB's, pesticides,organic chemicals, chlorine & pigments. Newly designed addition of a Zeolite payer for the removal of heavy metals, including mercury , lead and cadnium.

100% Risk Free Guarantee  ------>  30 Day- No question- No hassle - full product refund


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