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Hexagonal Water

VITALIZED WATER: Awakens, Cleanses,
Energizes & Revitalizes at the cellular level
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“Thank you for the privilege of studying the effects of your unique water-enhancing machine, the Vitalizer Plus.
We had the privilege of actually testing 11 patients using two of our physiologic testing devices before and after the patients drank a simple 8 ounce glass of water enhanced by your device. The testing devices we used were our Dr. Alexander Riftine created Heart Rate Variability (HRV) device and our Biomeridian created Meridian Stress Analysis (MSA) computer.

The HRV can measure changes in the autonomic nervous system instantaneously when a remedy of any kind is introduced into the body. In this case, we used the Vitalized water as the remedy and took readings before and after. The readings showed a significant positive improvement with results taken right after drinking a glass of water as compared to before drinking the water.

The MSA computer is the main testing device that we use in our office to select and treat environmental pollutants and allergies as well as to help select proper Homeopathic Remedies. We again took simple baseline readings both before and after drinking a simple glass of water. We were able to exactly qualify these readings.

The data clearly shows that there were a total of 252 stressed readings before and only 178 stressed readings after drinking the water, which is a 29.4% improvement AND Total Point scores on the Meridians of 15,719 before and only 11,850 after for an improvement of 24.7%, all just after drinking one glass of water.

Clearly this is a significant addition to a full and complete program of care and a positive step towards achieving better health.”

Bruce H Shelton MD, MD(h), DiHom, FBHI



“Your body is 70% water. The water you bathe in or drink can be the most vital and powerful supplement you take – or it can be your worst health nightmare!

The Vitalizer Plus is a water enhancer. It does not purify your water: it structures water. Powerful magnetic and infrared forces reduce the size of individual water clusters, creating hexagonal water for more rapid penetration into the body.

The Vitalizer Plus is a very, very powerful tool to advance better health. I heartily recommend it.

Dr. Darrell Wolfe, Canada.

“As a practicing Naturopathic Physician and as president of the Curing Old Age Disease Society (COADS), I see patients in all states of degenerative disease. The Vitalizer Plus represents a near miracle when it comes to supporting the natural detoxification processes of the body. In my experience, the unique structured water produced by this machine provides superior hydration and an enhanced ability to remove metabolic wastes from the cellular components of the body. Both of these factors are critical for healing and for maintaining naturally vitality. I highly recommend it as an addition to any health care program.”

Dr. James A. Kholos



 As a practicing chiropractor, utilizing Biogeometric Integration and Network Spinal Analysis, I have found that my clients who drink Vitalized water often respond with greater depth when they are drinking this water.  Their tissues seem to be more fluid and they do not appear to hold as much tension. After working with several clients, and noting the differences (before and after) I decided to purchase a Vitalizer Plus™ for myself.    

My personal experience has been quite notable.  At first, both urination and bowel frequency increased.  I also noticed an increased thirst – my body couldn't get enough of the water. Now, after several months, I no longer have cravings for coffee.  In fact, I have noticed that if I drink coffee with the water from my Vitalizer Plus™, the effects are so strong that it almost makes me sick.

I am also an endurance athlete and I have struggled with pica syndrome (an iron and related mineral deficiency) for several years.  One of the symptoms is a craving and chewing of ice.  However, ever since I began drinking Vitalized water, I have not had a craving for ice.  The other symptoms of pica syndrome seem to have gone away as well.  Needless to say, I am very pleased with my Vitalizer Plus™ and I highly recommend it.

S. Johnston, DC


When we were introduced to the Vitalizer Plus™ at the Advanced Health Clinic and Therapeutic Spa, the first thing we did was test it. Using bionetic equipment, which measures the body's response to different foods and supplements, we determined that Vitalized water was over 50% better than the structured water product we were recommending at the time.  We also determined that Vitalized water was highly stable and did not require refrigeration like many other structured water products on the market.  

We purchased a  Vitalizer Plus™ and began to monitor the responses of our practitioners and clients as we drank the water.  Over the next few months we determined that the addition of this water made it much easier to "balance" our clients with the supplements and remedies available at the clinic – not only this but their energy seemed to stay balanced for longer periods of time.  The human body seems to really "want" Vitalized water and it responds with improvements in energy, metabolic efficiency and overall balance.  It has also been responsible for a variety of cellular cleansing effects.

We are very pleased with the Vitalizer Plus™ and regularly recommend it to our clients.

Martha Bray, FNP-C, APRN (Advanced Practice Registered Nurse)


"Recent tests … revealed that my blood sugar …was completely normal!"

In May of 1997, I was diagnosed with stage IV cancer which had metastasized and spread to areas throughout my chest. Oncologists found over 40 ping pong ball-sized tumors. At time, I was given a 30% chance to live – if I underwent 6 months of heavy duty chemotherapy – which I did. I have also had 11 major surgeries.

As a result of the chemotherapy and numerous other drugs I have had to take, I became a type II diabetic with blood sugar readings that averaged between 270 and 278. Though I was very careful to exercise and follow a strict diabetic diet, nothing seemed to bring down my high blood sugar levels.

Then, In June of 2004, I was introduced to The Vitalizer Plus™ and I discovered the importance of drinking hexagonal water. As I began to drink this incredible water, I noticed that my blood sugar began to drop. After only 2 months of drinking Vitalized water, my doctor made arrangements for new blood sugar work. Recent tests, which monitored my blood sugar over a period of a month, revealed that my blood sugar average was 145 – completely normal! Wow! I am amazed and very grateful!

Raphael M. – Texas


"…no more flaky patches on my forehead."

I bought a VitalizerPlus™ the same night I heard a presentation on it – although I honestly wondered about the stories I had heard. The gentleman giving the presentation said that when he began to drink Vitalized water, his bowel movements became quite frequent. I thought he might have exaggerated – until I experienced it myself!

Several days after I started drinking water from my new Vitalizer Plus™, I experienced definite changes in my own elimination patterns. Now after 3 months, I have come to accept the fact that 3 bowel movements a day is normal.

I have experienced several other pleasant results from drinking this structured water. First of all, I used to have terribly dry skin – especially on my forehead and scalp. That has disappeared. No more dandruff and no more flaky patches on my forehead.

I also have a new level of energy and I perspire more than I used to. (I never used to perspire much at all – even when I worked in the heat.) It seems like the water in my body is more efficient – doing its job.

I recently left the country and was without my Vitalizer for 2 weeks. For the first week everything was fine – but by the end of my trip, the dryness on my forehead and scalp was returning. I was certainly glad to get back to Vitalized water again – and the dryness went right away.

Rev. Dan J. – Canada
"…my cholesterol was 182 – the lowest in 7 years!"

Several years ago, I began to have chest pains. Though my situation was not life-threatening, I was told that my cholesterol levels were very high. Ever since then, I have struggled to get my cholesterol down. It has been as high as 245, and the lowest it had ever been was 221.

Then a friend of mine introduced me to the Vitalizer Plus™ and I began to drink Vitalized water. The results were amazing! After only 6 weeks, I returned to my doctor for more blood tests and was told that my cholesterol was 182 – the lowest in 7 years! What 5 years, 3 types of medication and hundreds of dollars in expenses could not accomplish, drinking Vitalized water had done. (copies of the lab tests are attached.) Now, after a year on the water, my cholesterol is still low.

I appreciate the extra boost of energy that Vitalized water gives me and I love the taste. Everyone in the family notices the difference when we have to drink bottled water. Thanks for this water from heaven!

Luis A. – Texas
"My blood sugar was down to 100!"

I just wanted to let you know what a profound effect the Vitalizer Plus™ has had on my health. At the time I started drinking Vitalized water, I was experiencing several medical problems. My blood sugar was unsettled at about 270 – I was taking 2, 850mg. tablets of Metformin a day. My asthma was also giving me trouble and I needed 4 medications from an asthma pump – daily. I was also taking blood pressure medication, 3 times a day.

When I began to drink the Vitalized water, I noticed a difference the very first day. For a few days, I experienced a cleansing – then I began to notice other things. Besides a greater amount of energy, the swings in my blood sugar began to level out. After 4 months, my doctor reduced the amount of Metformin I was taking – to only 1 (500 mg.) pill a day. My blood sugar was down to 100! I was also able to reduce my asthma medication to 1 pump a day and my blood pressure medication was reduced from 3 pills to 1 pill a day. My doctor told me to keep drinking Vitalized water.

Today – after 6 months, I returned from the doctor with normal blood sugar and I was told that I no longer need any medication for diabetes.

Since I began drinking Vitalized water, I have found myself doing things that I have not done for a long time. I feel so much better. My skin is not as dry and it is noticeably softer. I thank the Lord for this wonderful discovery!

Rhonda R. – Texas
"…at 45, I am looking and feeling better than I did 15 years ago."

The Vitalizer Plus™ has totally changed my life – at 45, I am looking and feeling better than I did 15 years ago. I have more energy, and find that not only do I sleep better, but I also have the most amazing dreams.

This "living water" has also made remarkable improvements to my skin – not just on the face, but on the body too. I have had problems with my skin, all my life, but in just 6 weeks, my adult acne has cleared up– & is completely gone. The hydration is amazing, which has resulted in less wrinkles, and a very healthy glow. My hair and nails are growing faster and appear to be much stronger.

When I first began to drink Vitalized water, I noticed a definite detoxification – evidenced by a change in bowel movements. Then I noticed that my skin seemed to have "plumped up", which resulted in many of the small lines from my face (especially around my eyes and forehead) literally disappearing.

Another thing that I have noticed is that the more of this water I drink – the more water, I want to drink. It's quite interesting to note that I never liked to drink water, it was always a chore. Now, I actually have a hunger for this water.

One of the best things this water has done, is helped me to win the "battle of the middle age bulge". I've lost those last stubborn 10 lbs, and, it appears, that I don't even need to watch my weight any longer.
The greatest thing of all, is that the water, helped me, in my battle to quit smoking. This water has totally flushed my system, and, my desire to smoke literally is gone.

As a person, involved in the health & wellness industry for decades and also one who works with harmonic vibration, this is clearly, one of the most remarkable products, I've ever seen. This vortexed six-sided hexagonal living water, in my opinion,
is going to have a massive impact on the health and well-being of the whole world.

This product is in a CLASS ALL ITS OWN! Living water gives me a whole new level of caring for my lifestyle. Thank you so much!

Susan S. – Canada
"I am having a "love-affair" with this water!"

I am a person who never liked to drink water – until I was introduced to the Vitalizer Plus. But I can honestly say that I have "fallen in love." It has been like being introduced to water for the first time in my life. When I drink Vitalized water, there is a feeling of cellular hydration and I almost crave it. Now, for the first time in my life, water (Vitalized water), is my chosen beverage.

For the first few days, I drank only 3 ounces of the water each day. I went through a short period of what I will call detoxification and I felt a bit dizzy and feverish. That lasted several days and then it passed. Since drinking more of the water, I have noticed that my body apparently has the water it needs. My colon is hydrated and my bowel movements are heavier. I urinate more frequently, yet I need less lotion and my skin is softer.

Beyond the physical benefits, I have experienced other manifestations of the, efficacy of Vitalized water. Within days, I began to have intense and very spiritual dreams. On more than one occasion I was surrounded by water – flowing with it and moving through it effortlessly. It was almost as if I was being introduced to water on more than one level. For me, it was additional verification that I was pursuing a correct course of action with the water.

Amazingly enough, I also noticed that shortly after I began drinking Vitalized water, a number of "not so useful" patterns from my childhood, began to surface – allowing me to "look at" and "release" old beliefs and familial patterns that were not in my best interest. I feel like I am having a "love-affair" with this water!

Brianna C. – California

"I am using less lotion on my normally dry skin."

When I was introduced to Hexagonal Water and The Vitalizer Plus, I was advised to begin drinking the water a little at a time. So, I began with only 1 oz. the first day. Within 4 days I was drinking 4 oz. each morning and I began to notice an intestinal cleansing – similar to a colon cleanse – only more gentle. At that point, I recognized the wisdom of beginning slowly.

I am quite in touch with my body—enough to know that my way of detoxifying involves symptoms which are similar to those I experience during my monthly cycle – headache, emotional sensitivity, etc. These are the symptoms I experienced for several days after I began drinking the water. It was similar to other cleanses I had been through but even though it was more gentle, it seemed to be deeper – more "cellular."

Then one afternoon I was with a group of friends and we had the Vitalizer running. Without thinking, I drank 2 glasses of the water – it was so refreshing.

Within a few minutes I experienced an almost giddy sensation. It was as though I was "hyper-present" – even a bit "trippy." It wasn't a negative feeling, but for me, it was an interesting experience – an indication of the significance and the power of this incredible water.

In the very short time that I have been drinking Vitalized water, I have also noticed that I am using less lotion on my normally dry skin – only it isn't as dry anymore! My skin is softer and I have noticeably more energy.

Kathleen C. – California

"… I got a clean bill of health where my heart was concerned."

Three years ago, (Feb. 2002) I had heart surgery – a quadruple bypass. For a little over a year, I followed the standard medical protocol, taking medication for blood pressure and cholesterol, which were both still high.

About a year after the surgery I was introduced to the Vitalizer Plus™. As I began to drink hexagonal water, I noticed an almost immediate improvement in my energy – and I began to lose weight. The longer I drank the water, the better I felt, and I wondered if the water was helping my heart.

When my medication was nearly gone, I was told that I needed to take a stress test before my doctor could prescribe any further medication. I was feeling so good that I decided to find out what would happen if I stopped taking medication and continued to drink hexagonal water.

A year later, I went in for my annual physical. To my surprise, my blood work was perfect. Every one of the 40 parameters that were measured were within the normal range (a copy of the lab results is included). I was really excited and within several months I scheduled the stress test with my cardiologist.

I wish I had a video of everyone's faces as I effortlessly completed that test! At each higher level of the test, the nurses and technicians asked me if I was okay to go on. For the final 3 minutes, as I was almost running, they were all standing there in disbelief. My blood pressure stayed well within the normal range (130/80 to start and 160/80 at the end) and I was not really winded when I was done.

When my cardiologist came in to review the results, he had to look twice to make sure of what he was reading. Then he asked the technician, "How long has he not been taking any medication?"

Needless to say, I got a clean bill of health where my heart was concerned and although the doctor was obliged to tell me that it would be in my best interest to resume taking medication for blood pressure and cholesterol, I have decided not to take those medications. I can't believe how good I feel.

Ken M. – Texas
"Even my doctor told me to keep drinking this water!"

When I first began to drink Vitalized water, I was having trouble with a lot of swelling in my legs. Within 2 weeks, it was gone and I noticed that my circulation seemed to be much better. I also began to notice how much more energy I had. I actually felt like doing my work!

This water has also helped with my cholesterol. I remember going to the doctor about 2 months after I began to drink the water. My cholesterol had gone down from 250 to 195 and it has stayed down for the last 9 months – ever since I began to drink Vitalized water. Even my doctor told me to keep drinking this water! I wish everyone could drink it!

Jeanette H. – Texas


"It's my health drink."

As a healthy, health-conscious person, I'm always looking for ways to augment my health and fine-tune my health protocols. When I was introduced to the Vitalizer Plus™, I couldn't resist. The water tastes noticeably smoother and gives me that extra bit of energy that normal water just can't provide. It's my health drink.

From a price point alone, this water makes sense. I'm able to drink as much energized, structured water as I want – for pennies on the dollar – and that compares to water products of a much lesser quality. I can tell the difference!

Steve Y. – Texas
"…very cleansing – in ways that I never expected."

My experience drinking hexagonal water, made in the Vitalizer Plus, has been wonderful and very cleansing – in ways that I never expected. Not only have I experienced changes in elimination – a noticeable physical cleansing, but I have also experienced deep emotional release. I will never forget the first time I drank the water.

For many years I had viewed my experience as a mother with mixed feelings. On the one hand, I felt I had been a good mother. But on the other hand, I carried a sense of guilt for having not been better. Although I knew my feelings were tied to my own unresolved childhood issues, and although I realized there was no rational reason for my sense of guilt, I seemed to have an old tape that played regularly in my mind and carried with it a sense of guilt and a deep sadness. No amount of self-talk or positive affirmation had been able to free me of that old pain and hurt.

I remember the first night I drank Vitalized Water. I drank a good sized glass – it tasted so good. I retired to bed as usual but was awakened early in the morning – about 3:00 AM – with that same old tape running in my mind. Only this time something was different. I began to cry – an almost primal cry – from the depths of my soul. It was a cry like I had never cried before – so different, so cleansing and so full of release. It was as though all that childhood hurt came pouring out of me in 5 minutes. Then within the next few hours and days, I began to get clarity and a much healthier perspective regarding my own children. The unfounded guilt I had carried all those years was gone—replaced with a peacefulness that has stayed with me.

In the months following that initial release, I have noticed that my relationships with my children are much cleaner and unburdened.

I am absolutely convinced that this release was connected with the water, and though my experience seemed so unique and totally unexpected, I have since learned that others have experienced emotional releases as well. My family and many of my friends are drinking Vitalized water – we love it!

Janice P. – California
"…my need for insulin gradually dropped."

During the 3 months since I purchased a Vitalizer Plus and began drinking the hexagonal water, I have experienced some pretty amazing health benefits:

First of all, I am Diabetic (diagnosed with juvenile diabetes at 10 years old). I have been on insulin for 18 years and during that time, I have tried a number of things to help reduce the amount I take. Several things have helped slightly, but nothing like the Vitalized water! Over the course of 1 month, as I monitored my own blood sugar levels (4 times a day) my need for insulin gradually dropped. I have been able to reduce the amount of insulin I take – by over half! I used to take 40 units per day, now I consistently require 15 units. I also used to feel constantly dehydrated – even though I drank lots of water. I was continually thirsty and nothing would quench my thirst. Vitalized water quenches my thirst! For the first time in a long time, I am not perpetually thirsty.

Second, I have had rheumatoid arthritis in one finger in my left hand for years. It had gotten to the point where I could not use that finger and I had limited use of my hand. Within 2 weeks after I began to drink this water, the pain had almost completely subsided. Now I can use my hand – it's almost normal.

Lastly, I have felt a definite improvement in my overall level of energy. I started with 8 ounces of Vitalized water – now I drink ½ gallon every day. It's almost like I can "feel" the toxins leaving my body. I am more than excited about this water! Other members of my family have begun to drink it too!

Vanessa G. – California
"I'm sold on this water"

I noticed a difference the very first day that I drank Vitalized water. I definitely had more energy. In fact, during the year that I have been drinking this water, I have been reminded on several occasions, just how much of a difference the water makes for me. On several occasions, I have not had Vitalized water available and if I go for more than a couple of days, I can certainly tell the difference! My energy level takes a dive – but always picks up when I begin drinking the water again. As a 34-year-old mother of 2, I need energy! I'm sold on this water.

Melinda C. – Texas
"…I have lost 30 pounds!"

When I started drinking Vitalized Water, my body craved more. Both my husband and I quit drinking coffee – in favor of Vitalized water. And when the kids started taking our water out of the fridge, my husband made sure he processed double the amount. (He is now the "Vitalizer Plus™ Master.")

After about a month on the water, we were both noticing results. First, we slept more soundly and we both felt more refreshed in the morning. Second, we found we were drinking more water – without trying. (For someone who used to have to force 4 glasses of water down every day – that's saying something!) It was as if our bodies made us more alert to the need. Third, we found that our bowel movements were regular again. Lastly, we can honestly say that we feel younger. We were truly amazed, because we were not unhealthy people. Then my daughter pointed out that the skin on my hands no longer stayed up when she pinched it, but flattened out quickly.

What surprised me the most was an inner desire to start doing "right" by my body. I changed my eating habit and started on raw foods, nuts and grains…and I LOVE IT! After 6 months, I have lost 30 pounds!

Christy G. – New York
"My feelings about water have completely changed!"

I was raised in upstate New York, where the water is much better tasting than in many other parts of the country. I suppose I never really appreciated the good water I had when I was young – until I moved to the South. In some places, the water, here, is so bad that you have to force yourself to drink it. In my case, I had gotten to the point that I hardly ever drank any water at all.

Then I was introduced to the Vitalizer Plus™, and my feelings about water have completely changed. The water from this unit is so incredible that I can honestly say I'm enjoying water for the very first time in my life! I have gone from drinking no water, to drinking about a half gallon a day – and I love it! Vitalized water is truly refreshing and thirst-quenching.

I love making the water, too. The vortex looks so much like a tornado that my grand children call it "tornado water." They seem to love it just as much as I do. The whole family has literally been introduced to water for the first time and we are all drinking more of it and less of those "less healthy beverages" we used to drink. Thanks!

John C. – Texas
"I can literally "feel" my muscle fibers being strengthened…"

I am a former body builder and trainer. Five years ago I had a series of injuries and other difficulties which kept me from exercising for a long time. I eventually I lost 75% of my strength. It seemed like each time I began to exercise again, I would hit a brick wall. Several times I had re-injuries and I would have to start all over again. I have tried so many things over the last several years, that I have really wondered whether or not I would be able to lift weights again.

I began drinking a structured water product 3 years ago and that has helped tremendously, but I still could not get past being able to press my triceps, 60-80 lbs. – tops. Finally, about a month ago, I decided to purchase a Vitalizer Plus™. I liked the idea of making the structured water in my own home. I was also excited about being able to drink all I wanted.

Within 2 weeks, I began to make incredible progress. I can literally "feel" my muscle fibers being strengthened and I am now able to press 150 lbs! I can feel that "pumped up" feeling for the first time in over 5 years and my new goal is to be in peak performance by the end of the year. This time I feel confident I can do it!

I am both amazed and excited about Vitalized water!

Quaye A. – Decatur, GA
"…helping to clear resistant old energy patterns."

It's been over 3 months and I am still very excited about the Vitalizer Plus™. Drinking this water gives me a feeling of aliveness. Now I have a clean taste in my mouth, my hair has acquired new body, and my skin is feeling and looking supple – in fact it really tightens up the skin all over.

I recently read that the blood flows in spirals. It's almost as if this water amplifies that energizing spiral flow, because I experience a subtle purifying energy running powerfully throughout my body.

My chiropractor, practicing NSA (Network Spinal Analysis), says there is a huge change in the way my body is responding – that I am reaching greater depth, since I began to drink the water. She understands how a well-hydrated nervous system responds and she has noticed the difference. It is her opinion that the water is helping to clear resistant old energy patterns. She purchased the Vitalizer Plus™ and is absolutely thrilled about it!

I've observed a withering plant that was on its last leg. With Vitalized water it has regained and retained its green color and is still doing well, months later. The Vitalizer Plus™ is very impressive and I would not trade it for anything. It's the best investment in health that I've ever made. I truly believe that living water is the matrix of our being and the carrier of our potential.

Andrew H. – Canada
"…nothing compares to the addition of this water in my health routine."

About a year ago I was introduced to the Vtializer Plus™ at an "elixir bar" where I work. I began to drink their "supercharged water" which they sell for $1.00 a glass, and I was so impressed with the energy it gave me that I decided to purchase a Vitalizer Plus for myself. I brought it home on a weekend during a time when I was very tired and a bit discouraged. I expected to spend most of Sunday resting. What happened was the total opposite.

I mixed up my first pitcher of 27-minuteVitalized Water and drank the whole thing on an empty stomach. I felt so good that I ran another batch and drank it too. At that point I started "flying." I had so much energy, I felt like I could conquer the world. I ran errands, cleaned my apartment, did my laundry and still felt so good that I decided to go for a hike. By this time I was on my 4th pitcher of water, and I had not eaten anything. I bottled up some of the water and took it with me as I hiked.

I ended up hiking about 6 miles and felt like I was 16 again. I experienced a bit of edema, but I knew I just needed to give my body a chance to balance. I kept hiking and drinking the water. Within an hour or so, the edema disappeared.

At one point I sat down to enjoy the view and I remember thinking about all the things I had wanted to do with my life – things that I had put on the back burner because I lacked the energy. Suddenly all these things came to the front of my mind and I reviewed them with knew light and hope. It was like a total transformation occurred for me.

When I returned home, I looked in the mirror and was amazed. My skin was noticeably smoother and full of vitality. I looked as though I had taken 10 years off my age. I felt like it too.

I ended my day by eating a light salad, which I noticed, digested immediately. Then I went to bed, slept very well and awoke balanced and centered. It was the beginning of a whole new life for me.

Of all the things I have done (including an all raw food diet for 1 year, whole food supplements, antioxidants and numerous herbs) nothing compares to the addition of this water in my health routine. It has been the means for a complete transformation in my physical and emotional life! I cannot imagine my life without Vitalized water – I drink 2 pitchers every day.

Truth C. – California



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